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(Tuesday 23rd April 2002)

Have fun, thx to chris for his Vanilla-Vista that made this possible!
[Update: you can now start browsing from any URL you'd like to check]

(before I forget to mention: it's done in PHP server side)

z2002-04-19-c (WebSeitzWiki)
It might also be interesting to do this with a BlogRoll? dataset, or data from BlogDex or DayPop (or, better, cached RSS data from WeblogsDotCom
Well. YES! ab-so-lute-ly! But sleep and work-for-pay first ;)

And I'm fairly sure now that I can open this tool for everyone by taking the start-url as user input. Caching has proven sufficent so far. The requests for the Google-API were 'using-cache: 670' and 'using-google: 141'. But I think I will also need to set a chace time-out of around one day, to keep the data current ;) (now every URL that has been queried stays arounf indefinetly..)

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