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(Sunday 4th August 2002)

(well the question actually was 'why Apple' but still)

Alwin puts it nicely: Because Apple has called a truce with the open source movement. Don't want to run the included closed-source text-editor? Run Emacs or vi, which is included in the standard OS X install. Don't want to run Filemaker? Run MySQL. Don't like Photoshop? There's always the GIMP. Hate Mail? Use Pine/Pico.

Right on. That is also what explains my recent craze with Cygwin/XFree86. I can run win2k (which I know well and have all my software together for) and can still, simultaneously runn almost any given *IX tool or app. And not only can I do that on the same machine, but at the same time! No dual boot for me, thanks.

Some example of what is possible: Cygwin + GNOME

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