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Filemaker development
(Sunday 5th December 2004)

Hey who would have thought that? Me is taking up a project that will deal alot with Filemaker Pro development... I'll be hacking Filemaker Layouts like I did way back then (was it version 4? Or something).

Well this time it will be version 5.5 or 6, not the newest 7, as that one drops support for Classic OS9. And being able to deliver runtimes for OS9, OSX and win32 will be the selling point of that application. It's a custom built CRM for a very special community (the totempole bunch)

And, along with that I will be regaining the webmaster role for the German website. Not totempole.de as before, but it will be the official one for Germany anyway, name is not yet fixed...

Lots of good, fun and valuable work ahead, if only it would pay, which it won't and shouldn't... But that's what I'll be doing as an occupation the next few years anyway, I only need to figure out a way to make a living from it ;)

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